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Business owners spend millions of dollars each year building and upgrading their facilities. Loss of or damage to a company's site or equipment costs additional millions. Even if the repairs are covered by insurance there are financial concerns related to deductibles and increased premiums. And, of course, any harm done to property pales in comparison to an injury done to an employee. The potential for harm coming to your location, equipment and/or staff can be minimized through the use of camera security systems.

GVCards offers a wide variety of camera card security systems which can be customized to meet any need you may have for surveillance equipment. GVCards is an established leader in the security field. Its products include state of the art security camera systems and closed capture television (CCTV monitoring) as well as proprietary software for inventory control. As an independently owned and operated concern, GVCards is large enough to serve all your needs and yet still flexible enough to speedily respond to any dilemma.

Well known within the camera security systems community for its innovative designs, GVCards is proud that the products it manufactures and installs are American made. Even with its cutting edge security solutions and personalized customer service, GVCards is still able to provide products at significantly lower prices than its competitors.

Camera security systems come in a wide range of sizes with many optional upgrades to enhance their utility. Basic four camera card security systems devised by GVCards are anything but stripped down. A Business owner looking for solid camera security systems that can grow with his/her business may find this package an excellent first step. GVCards' team of technicians will work with business management to advise the positioning of even the smallest security camera systems for the most impact.

Once placed the camera security systems are capable of recording in several different modes. The combination of "motion detect" mode with the "pre-recording" mode means no movement in the designated area will miss the camera's eye. "Continuous recording" mode establishes camera observation on a 24/7 basis. Video recorded in these and all modes is archived by year/date/time and can be accessed by the same criteria.

Security camera systems can also be set up with a varied recording mode schedule. Multiple display and interface options may be selected and all cameras have individual picture adjustments. Any of these features is easily controlled and when remote access is available, most features can be turned on and off from offsite locations.

The digital watermarking upgrade to a facility's camera security systems ensures the integrity of the recorded media. Tapes protected in this manner become more acceptable as evidence in court proceedings.

More extensive surveillance equipment packages expand the capabilities of your security camera systems. If DSL or other broadband connects are available at the site even more tools can be utilized by GVCards security camera card systems. Internet connectivity provides a conduit for video streaming of workplace activity in addition to two way audio. These processes are accomplished with a built-in web server which requires no special software. A menu of e-mail alerts and alarm functions are also available.

Remote vital sign monitoring is one of the alarm upgrades possible for camera security systems. Undetected power outages open the door to many costly problems. A failed power system may entirely disable camera security systems. A loss of power that goes unnoticed can also damage equipment and lead to the wholesale loss of perishable products. GVCards software can be configured to check in with a designated remote computer when power is lost or security camera systems are otherwise disarmed.

Camera security systems provided by GVCards can also streamline the inventory accounting and control process. "Count and track" software from GVCards permits tracking of the number of any objects moved into and out of specified areas. In conjunction with surveillance equipment mounted at delivery entrances, on the production floor and at the point of sale, this technology makes the chain of inventory possession and responsibility more reliable.

One of the most useful features of GVCards enhanced camera security systems is the "point of sale interface". Using CCTV monitoring, this proprietary software captures workplace transactions and overlays the activity with pertinent text. Suspicious activity can be noted. Transactions flagged in this manner may be sent out via e-mail to management personnel for appropriate action.

The term "camera security systems" conjures up vague, generic and many times outmoded surveillance techniques. A consultation with GVCards' team of professional camera security systems experts can turn those generic preconceptions into specific solutions to your business security questions.