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CCTV Monitoring

Closed caption television monitoring (CCTV monitoring) is not a technology readily associated with the surveillance equipment field. The CCTV monitoring devices offered by GVCards not only enable this technology as a security device, they also transform it into a powerful tool for staff training.

CCTV monitoring constitutes just one portion of a location's fully optimized security camera systems. This integral key to the "point of sale interface" allows for capture of workstation activity by CCTV monitoring. The transactions recorded by CCTV monitoring can then be overlaid with text. Suspicious procedures can be archived on the CCTV monitoring video tapes for scrutiny at a later date. If the business has remote access capabilities, the suspect activity captured by the CCTV monitoring can also be sent via e-mail to the appropriate personnel.

Theft deterrence is not the only way in which CCTV monitoring may be utilized. Because the point of sale interface software supports text captions on the CCTV monitoring tapes, they can also be used as instructional videos. Workplace scenarios which feature correct cash handling can be acted out for the CCTV monitoring systems. Point of sale hardware and software can also be recorded by the CCTV monitoring equipment. Since all of the CCTV monitoring tapes can be logged by activity, date and time a library of instructional videos can be produced.

The enhanced security and training functions available through CCTV monitoring are not, however, the only solutions offered by GVCards. GVCards is well known as a designer and manufacturer of innovative surveillance equipment business solutions. Its American owned products are backed by unparalleled customer service.

GVCards also responds with flexibility and speed to its clients needs and concerns. Pricing of all of its products and services is generally lower than its competitors' prices for comparable products and services. This is made possible by the fact that GVCard is independently owned and operated.

Security card systems devised by GVCards run the gamut from a basic card camera security system on up to fully featured surveillance networks which protect multiple locations. Even the most modest security camera systems employ a wide array of customer selected options. All cameras can operate in a variety of modes which enable multiple camera angles and display options.

In addition, the business owner can select the recording mode. The "motion detect" mode coupled with the "pre-recording" mode establishes records of any movement within the configured area. Enabling the "continuous recording" mode tapes activity 24/7 within the designated area. All modes produce activity logs which document comings and goings at the site as well as attempts to change the settings on the security camera systems.

A location which has DSL or other broadband connectivity can be outfitted for remote access. The addition of remote capabilities to camera security systems provides a vast source of useful upgrades.

When a facility loses power dire consequences may occur. Loss of power can disarm the site's security camera systems. Without operating surveillance equipment the location becomes vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Expensive equipment and point of sale hardware and software can be damaged beyond repair if a power outage goes undetected for a long period of time. Investments in perishables may also sustain a wholesale loss if lack of power is not promptly reported.

Surveillance equipment which includes remote access can be designed to have the system check in with a designated computer. If the check in is not made on schedule an e-mail alert is sent out to management. The e-mail alert system can also include e-mails sent out any time motion is detected. Time stamped snapshots can be sent along with these e-mail alerts.

Other remote capabilities include video streaming and two way audio. These features, in essence, make it possible for a business owner or manager to "drop in" on his/her establishment at any time.

Digital watermarking of the tapes produced by the security camera systems is also available. The integrity of a digitally watermarked tape is ensured and thus it provides an excellent source of evidence in court proceeding.

A sales professional from GVCards will be happy to meet with you to discuss how these and other camera security systems can be designed to meet your unique requirements.