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Security Camera Systems

The phrase "security camera systems" conjures up a rather grey big brother world. However, properly utilized surveillance equipment offers cutting edge solutions to a myriad of security and training issues confronting the modern business owner and manager.

Security camera systems are not just products to spy on employees. They offer protection for those employees and protection for a company's assets. Tapes recorded by security camera systems can also help management and employees to improve customer service, productivity and employee knowledge. Staff empowered with proper handling and service techniques have a greater chance of being promoted into better positions.

The security camera systems sold by GVCards can provide basic surveillance equipment functions and then grow along with a company's needs. Recognized as a leader in the field of security camera systems, GVCards is an independently owned and operated business. As such it can be both responsive and flexible when dealing with your company's security camera systems requirements. Its independence also allows GVCards to offer products at prices which may be substantially less than a competitor's comparable goods and services. GVCards is proud that all of its products are American made and stands behind them with unsurpassed commitment to customer service.

The baseline security camera card systems sold by GVCards are four camera packages. They come equipped with a variety of standard modes which enable a business owner to customize his/her viewing preferences. Specified areas of observation can be recorded on a motion detect basis or a constant 24/7 basis. Activity logs are produced which establish entries into and exits from the site as well as attempts to reconfigure the existing configurations of the security camera systems.

The security camera systems have software that can be controlled by a mouse, a touch screen or an on-screen keyboard. Enhanced software offers wireless remote control. Multiple display options are also available. Modes can be scheduled by camera, time and day of the week for peak efficiency. A "smart recording" mode maximizes recording speed by having the full recording speed shared by all cameras which are online at that time.

When initial four camera security systems are backed up by other cameras viewing the entire production floor, security and employee monitoring capabilities are increased. With an overall camera view workflow can be scrutinized. Problems with equipment placement, traffic bottlenecks and inefficient employee utilization can be addressed when detailed by camera security sytems. Employees who have not been fully trained or who do not use proper workstation procedures can be trained to perform more productively. Product or cash loss, either by intent or accident, can be spotted and corrected.

Placement of security camera systems at delivery entrances, along passage ways and in storage areas further heightens the security and instruction capabilities of GVCard equipment. Proprietary “count and track” software follows the movement of product inventory and other supplies. A chain of possession for items can thus be identified and responsibility for inventory is more easily assigned.

All of these security camera systems functions become even more useful when a site has DSL or other broadband connectivity. Remote capabilities of the security camera systems can be enabled which allow an increased number of viewing options as well as e-mail and remote control abilities. Video streaming and two way audio become possible. These programs are supported by a built-in web server which requires no additional software.

When remote communication with the camera security systems becomes functional remote vital sign monitoring may also be chosen as an option. An unforeseen and undetected loss of power can cause irreparable damage to equipment. Also, if a location's camera security systems are disarmed due to a power failure, the site is left unprotected. Loss of perishables may also result if power goes out. GVCards security camera systems can be configured to check in with a designated remoter computer which may eliminate extended power outages.

One of the most sophisticated options offered by GVCards is the "point of sale interface". This camera security systems software upgrade combines computer technology with closed caption television monitoring (CCTV monitoring). The CCTV monitoring system records all of the transactions within a specified viewing area. Suspicious activity can be detected and archived on a searchable activity log. The records of this movement may also be overlaid with text and e-mailed to the appropriate personnel. Tapes produced by CCTV monitoring provide not only safeguard against theft but also offer opportunities for instructing staff in proper procedure.

A consultation with the professionals at GVCards will further illustrate the many ways in which security camera systems can be devised to meet the specific needs of any organization.