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Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance equipment to meet a wide variety of business needs can be found at GVCards. State of the art camera security systems designed to meet a company's individual requests are the heart of the GVCards product line. How can security camera systems contribute to your business's bottom line?

Many business owners and managers view surveillance equipment as just a security feature but the array of camera security systems offered by GVCards offers much more than just an excellent way to monitor your site operations. Through the experienced placement of security camera systems - some of which include CCTV (closed caption television) monitoring capabilities - surveillance equipment can not only enhance the safety of your site but also aid the inventory control, work flow and training functions of your company.

GVCards will provide your team with skilled technicians to adivse you in implementing total camera security systems to address all of your commerce needs. Surveillance equipment can be installed at point of sale locations, in storage rooms and public access areas. With security camera systems thus configured, an overall strategy of business management can be put in place.

What does GVCards offer that other camera security systems may not? All of our American manufactured security equipment is backed by the knowledge and customer service of an independently owned and operated company. The independence of GVCards allows it to respond to your surveillance equipment needs with speedy specific solutions to your company's questions. Further, our camera security systems can often be purchased at prices significantly below those of our competitors.

Any of GVCards security camera systems can be tailored to the requirements of your business. Surveillance equipment systems can be built for any company with DSL or other broadband connections. The basic surveillance equipment package is comprised of four camera card with thirty frames per second video capability.

The flexible options proffered by GVCards allow your surveillance equipment system to be upgraded with features aimed to enhance all facets of your operation. Different modes customize your camera security systems. In "motion detect" mode surveillance equipment watches your site whenever motion is recognized and allows for 24/7 video capture.

A sophisticated system of propriety software can be built to include CCTV monitoring enabled to spot suspect transactions. An out of the ordinary operation can be flagged and sent out via e-mail to the appropriate personnel. This e-mail can be overlaid with text and pictures detailing the transaction.

Cutting edge CCTV monitoring capability represents only one of the features which bring multi-pronged answers to your business needs. Surveillance equipment packages include video stored by year, date and time. All stored video can be accessed by the same criteria and viewed on a frame by frame basis which enables you to pinpoint business activity. Logs can be produced which record all log ins/outs and any attempts to change the system configurations. Surveillance equipment can also send out power outage alerts.

Remote access can also be designed into any package. Surveillance equipment with video communication interfaces allows video streaming supported by a built-in web server. No special software is required for this function which makes possible remote entry from any location; two way audio is also available.

Obviously, security camera systems directly combat theft as well as providing for employee and customer safety. Well thought out security equipment placement can, however, do much more.

Having surveillance equipment that allows detailed analysis of daily operations can increase business productivity on multiple levels.

GVCards can position surveillance equipment to monitor all phases of business operations. Management can observe the interaction of employees with customers enabling training for better customer service. They can also see the ways employees implement procedures and the way they move throughout the workplace. These observations can lead to streamlining of the work process and remapping of equipment placement both of which can increase speed of service and productivity. Surveillance equipment also performs the standard function of cash handling security.

Camera security systems can also be designed with count and track surveillance equipment. This option greatly increases inventory control allowing for more personal responsibility for inventory movement.

Top of the line surveillance equipment packages encompass all of the most wanted options offered by GVCards. A fully featured surveillance equipment system includes CCTV monitoring abilities backed up by digital watermarking for absolute video integrity. Other choices are easily accessed video export of logs and files and virtual location maps for ease of tracking of all company surveillance equipment.

Visit the GVCards website - www.gvcards.com - for a comprehensive overview of the surveillance equipment products offered to produce the results your company desires.